P.S. I like you by Kasie West

I know that a lot of my Goodreads friends are not quite in love with this but I really find this book adorable. Kasie West‘s book are just fun to read , this is a feel good book that is great for summer. Although this book has a lot of high school tropes, I just like the idea of having pen-pals, a writing buddy.

I like the idea of having an absolute stranger as a pen pal, I know it can be creepy at times but I actually have this sort of thing going on with someone. We’re friends but I don’t know much about him, you know the exact details of where he lives or what is his family background. We exchange personal messages, some are just things you wonder about life. It’s kind of refreshing to share your own ideas, your hopes, dreams and the ones you also fear with someone and to not be scared of  being judged because they really don’t know you personally so they can’t hurt you. But in this book they wanted to get past the anonymity and they’re scared because the other might have expectations.

The story is pretty much predictable but I did enjoy it. It’s fun, fluffy and sweet ..

Rating: 3/5


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