Him / Lost at Sea

I feel like I’ve been here searching my whole life
for something that’s not existing
but every time I give up
something in me tries to pull back and find it again
it’s like I’m finding my way back to the shore
but I keep getting lost at sea
I need something other than this freezing darkness
I’ve hovered in this void for too long
I need a light to guide me
a fire to warm me
then I saw her
like a beacon shining brightly everything about her is warm and cozy
the beauty that is her
the warmth that tethered every frost
the radiant flames that burned for me
her fire that touched my soul

finally ..

-Henz G.

The sequel to HER …. This is HIM trying to find the missing puzzle. I call this one LOST AT SEA. Again, I made this poem for a friend.



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