Hi guys!!! I decided to make a book blog all of the sudden. I like reading and I felt like reading is not enough, of course I need to share my thoughts about them since I don’t have a lot of friends whose into reading so what better way for me to project all my thoughts is through a blog. You may not always agree with me and oftentimes we’ll share the same opinions on such books but either way it’s all fun.

I don’t usually have an organized pattern when I write my reviews, I don’t give the synopsis either because if you ask me blurbs can be a spoiler sometimes and some blurbs don’t impress readers so just read my review instead (LOL^^). Another thing,  I don’t usually make long reviews, I don’t disassemble a book and be very constructive because they are tedious. I’ll just tell you why I like and don’t like them to refrain from giving spoilers. I don’t usually give spoilers, I’ll warn you if it contains one.

Also I’m posting some of my poems here, It’s just something I want to share, I hope you like them and give me some credits. Looking forward to hearing from you guys soon! xoxo

My Rating Sytem

[5]- I absolutely love this book! / I’ll probably read it again! / You should read it! / book hangover material /

[4] – I really like it! I enjoyed it! I love it but there’s a slight flaw for it to be perfect / can still give me book hangovers

[3] –   The story is generic but they are still enjoyable / I kind of enjoyed it  but it has some flaws to fully like it.

[2] – “meh”, it was okay but there are too many factors for me to like it / It’s forgettable /

[1] – I hate it! / I like to DNF it so bad! / rage / boring as hell! /


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