Poetic Fantasy

my love, ravish me like no other
I’m your parchment willing to be written
let your quill caress every part of me
I’ll savor every ink that dries
every stroke an ecstasy
every period an end and a beginning
every word an explosion of fire within me
I’m your lady, your muse
giving in to every poetic fantasy

-Henz G.

Welcome to my world

a world where dreamers no longer dream
where you’re dead while still breathing
oblivion is where you’re sleeping
a blanket of darkness in your bed
a pillow of numbness rest in your head
misery as your lullaby
your mind yearns to sleep
but the soul always weep
to live like nothing
living and not existing
that’s where I live

-Henz G.

Taming her

she likes to be tamed
not with your looks
or how you talk smooth

tame her with your words
let those hands be the pen
you write in her skin

let your lips be the ink
that brands your every yearning

let her naked body-
a canvas to fill with words that burn

and you-
the poet writing her undoing

-Henz G.