The Poet in me or what I assume to be

I was never a Poet. Never in my life did I actually think that I can be lyrical or be able to  convey my feelings through words because sometimes words are never enough to capture the right kind of emotions. This all began when I was really heartbroken (oh gods! I know! Nothing like a shattered heart to be poetic, right?) I was feeling all kinds of things; anger, regret, insecurity,  desire, bliss but mostly I’m just full of melancholy  and that I felt the need to let it go because tears are never enough and Facebook and Twitter were never comforting that’s why I tried to write even though I  have no idea how, even though I suck at it. I wish I could just make a song because people love angsty and sad love songs but I’m not a musician either, I just know how to appreciate them so that leaves me to one thing; writing.  Is there ever a rule in poetry? I did not study creative writing and all that jazz but one thing I do know is that Poetry is an expression, so I wrote, sometimes they are more like Prose than Poems but I don’t care … they are not that long and maybe they are not that impressive, they are nothing much but my feelings and I’m letting you all guys see it …

And guys I just want you all to know that I’m perfectly okay now and  though some of my poems may appear sad, it’s just me wanting to reach out to other people’s feelings. Sometimes my poems may appear sexual too .. LOL^^ … I hope you won’t feel weird about them, or you can drop your comments but I don’t entertain insults here. Let’s just all be nice. Love you!!!



Click here to view all my POEMS  and Prose (^^)

Or you can click on the Titles below to view it individually.



3 thoughts on “The Poet in me or what I assume to be

    1. Thanks Aj … mostly my poems are about love and being heartbroken, though I’m really okay now, I think it has become my niche to write about heartbreaks and how a sensual a person is when their in love … bahahaha

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